No. Year Journal Title 1st author
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49 2019 Frontiers in Pharmacology Comparison of Effects of Anti-thrombin Aptamers HD1 and HD22 on Aggreg… Katarzyna Derszniak
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47 2018 Alcohol and Alcoholism Inhibition by Ethanol of Shear Stress-Induced Formation of Platelet Th… Ekawa K
46 2018 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS Uric acid enhances alteplase-mediated thrombolysis as an antioxidant Kikuchi K
45 2018 Blood Megakaryocytes and platelets from a novel human adipose tissue-derived… Tozawa K
44 2018 Experimental Animals Comparison between Blood coagulability in the Intra-atrial and Periphe… Yamada S
43 2018 Platelets Evaluation of the Total Thrombus-Formation System (T-TAS): application… Al Ghaithi R
42 2018 Thrombosis Research Comparison of chronological changes in blood characteristics in the at… Yamada S
41 2018 The Journal of Clinical Investigation Platelet-RBC interaction mediated by FasL/FasR induces procoagulant ac… Christoph Klatt
40 2018 Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis In vitro studies show synergistic effects of a procoagulant bispecific… Rudolf Hartmann
39 2018 Journal of Surgical Reserch Microfluidics contrasted to thrombelastography:perplexities in definin… Peter J. Lawson, BA
38 2018 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise Vascular Nitric Oxide-Superoxide Balance and Thrombus Formation after … Kamil Przyborowski
37 2018 Blood advances Inhibitory mechanisms of very low–dose rivaroxaban in non–ST-elevation… Oliver Borst
36 2018 Journal of American Heart Association Vascular Cognitive Impairment Linked to Brain Endothelium Inflammation… Mateusz G. Adamski
35 2017 Blood Maintenance of murine platelet homeostasis by the kinase Csk and phosp… Jun Mori
34 2017 Oxidative Medicineand Cellular Longevity Edaravone, a Synthetic Free Radical Scavenger, Enhances Alteplase-Medi… Kikuchi K
33 2017 Circulation Journal Edoxaban Enhances Thromboprophylaxis by Physiotherapy After Total Knee… Sueta D
32 2017 Scientific Report Direct Oral Anticoagulants Form Thrombus Different From Warfarin in a … Ishii M
31 2017 Journal of American Heart Association Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System Predicts Periprocedural Bleed… Oimatsu Y
30 2017 Thrombosis Research Whole blood coagulation assays ROTEM and T-TAS to monitor dabigatran t… Taune V
29 2017 Haemophilia Role of red blood cells in the anemia-associated bleeding under high s… Yaoi H
28 2016 Journal of Intensive Care Monitoring the coagulation status of trauma patients with viscoelastic… Sakamoto Y
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26 2016 Journal of Clinical Medicine Research Evaluation of the antithrombotic effects of Rivaroxaban and Apixaban u… Sugihara H
25 2016 Thrombosis Research Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 in platelets induces thrombogen… Hosokawa K
24 2016 Thrombosis and Haemostasis Monitoring of coagulation factor therapy in patients with von Willebra… Ågren A
23 2016 Heart Vessels Evaluation of the antithrombotic abilities of non-vitamin K antagonist… Idemoto Y
22 2016 Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Measurement of residual platelet thrombogenicity under arterial shear … Yamazaki M
21 2016 Clinical Trials and Regulatory Science in Cardiology Efficacy Study of the COmbination of Edoxaban and Physiotherapy on the… Sueta D
20 2016 Haemophilia Usefulness of the Total Thrombus-formation Analysis System (T-TAS) in … V Daidone
19 2016 Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal Effects of hyperbaric exposure on thrombus formation Miike T
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17 2015 Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis Assessment of platelet-derived thrombogenicity with the total thrombus… Arima Y
16 2015 Journal of American Heart Association Total Thrombus-Formation Analysis System (T-TAS) Can Predict Periproce… Ito M
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7 2013 in vivo Coagulation activity and white thrombus formation in the microminipig. Miura N
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2 2011 Thrombosis and Haemostasis A comparative study of prothrombin complex concentrates and fresh-froz… Ogawa S
2011 Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis A novel automated microchip flow-chamber system to quantitatively eval… Hosokawa K
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