• Our concept and mission Studies using T-TAS® have shown that consi-derable variability exists in both thrombogenicity and sensitivity to antithrombotic agents, which collectively result in large inter-individual variability with regard to thrombus formation among patients receiving antithrombotic therapy.
  • Why under blood flow condition? Blood flow is well recognized as a key factor that influences the thrombus formation process. Under arterial flow conditions, white thrombi comprising numerous activated platelets and fibrin fibers are formed, whereas red thrombi form under venous circulation predominantly consist of fibrin and red blood cells. The composition of thrombi affects the efficacy of antithrombotic agents.
  • Our microchip technologies We offer new partners of research collaboration as well as OEM production to create and produce an innovative assay system taking advantage of our microdevice technologies.
  • PL-chip


    coated with collagen
    For quantitative evaluation of platelet thrombus formation under arterial flow conditions.


    coated with collagen and tissue thromboplastin
    For quantitative evaluation of white thrombus formation mediated by the activation of both coagulation and platelets.
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