T-TAS 01 for clinical use (IVD)

Total thrombus formation analysis system for clinical use. This system is conformed with IVD CE marking.

T-TAS 01 for clinical use (IVD)

T-TAS 01 for clinical use (IVD)

T-TAS 01 system

The T-TAS 01 system includes the T-TAS 01 instrument, dedicated computer and touch screen monitor. On-screen instructions and animation guide the user through the assay procedure.

PL Chip for T-TAS 01(IVD)

The PL-chip was specifically designed for the quantitative analysis of primary hemostatic ability, i.e. the overall platelet thrombus formation process, which involves platelet adhesion & aggregation, granule secretion, and thrombus growth. The test measures primary hemostatic ability in BAPA-anticoagulated whole blood specimens, and can be used to detect defects in primary hemostasis.

PL Chip Reservoir set for T-TAS 01

The PL Chip Reservoir set for T-TAS 01 contains accessories for use with the PL Chip for T-TAS 01.

BAPA tube for T-TAS 01

The BAPA tube for T-TAS 01 is intended to be used for the collection, transport, and storage of blood specimens for use with the T-TAS 01 system. BAPA (Benzylsulfonyl-D-argininyl-prolyl-4-amidinobenzylamide) is an inhibitor of thrombin and factor Xa, which allows anticoagulation of blood without interfering with physiological calcium levels.

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