Started sales of “T-TAS 01”, a total thrombus formation analysis system under blood flow condition, in Europe

We Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.-ZACROS has officially opened a press release that it has started selling the primary hemostatic ability measuring device (IVD) T-TAS 01 from this spring in Europe. We did it in Japanese of the contents of this entry.

T-TAS is a device that can quantitatively observe the thrombus formation ability under the blood flow based on the new measurement principle uniquely developed by us. We have been selling “T-TAS plus” for research in Japan, Europe and the United States since 2015, and have been highly valued by medical researchers.
We have developed “T-TAS 01” which can be operated more easily as an in-vitro diagnostic device, and acquired the CE mark certification of Europe as a medical device in December 2018. We will start selling this device and measurement chip in Europe. We are also preparing to apply to the FDA for launch in the United States of America.

By widely providing this device and measurement chip to clinical sites, we contribute to the improvement of the quality of medical care in the thrombosis and hemostasis field, and those who are involved in medical care can use it more safely and comfortably. We will work on the development of medical devices that more.

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